Having clogged gutters is the number one cause of basement water problems and foundation cracking among all the other problems and damage it can cause. The small price of regular gutter cleaning is a small price to pay when compared to water damage in your basement, repairing a cracked foundation, replacing wood facia boards, sofits or roofing, or repairing landscaping, walkways or patio decks. All of these home areas can be damaged due to clogged gutters. Regular gutter cleaning can help prevent all of this potential for damage and more.

Our gutter cleaning service includes removal of all debris and obstructions from gutter and roof valleys as well as flushing your downspouts with water to ensure proper water flow. 

Static belay system setup and use

With the tools we use, we are able to do most of our work with both feet on the ground. 

However, when cleaning skylights, solar panels or cleaning gutters, there are situations when working from the ground or even a ladder is not an option.

This short video, shows one of our technicians working on a relatively low pitch yet slippery roof to clean some windows.

For this job, we used a static belay as a hand hold for a little extra stability and insurance, but on steeper pitches we also carry a full body harness and can use ascent and decent devices to facilitate working on pitches in excess of 14/12.

In this video, you will see us deploy a static belay system over a pitched roof using a target line. The PVC ball allows the heavier rope to be pulled over the peak of the roof without snagging on the shingles or damaging the roof, the leather sheath the rope is running through is pulled into position and also serves to protect the roof from damage by the friction of the rope. Finally, both ends of the rope are secured using a super eight knot and locking steel carabiners. 

Let me know if you have any questions about the techniques used or the gear we employ. Be safe!