Clean windows relays to the public that you take pride in the appearance of your business.  The glass at your office, storefront, restaurant, or other commercial structure is often the first thing your customers or clients will see. The outward appearance of your building speaks volumes about the type of establishment you are running. Let Pro-Shine improve and maintain the appearance of your property to better attract new customers, and retain the customers you already have. Our commercial window cleaning service is crafted to meet your needs.

Our technicians specialize in exterior building cleaning and utilizes the proper equipment and procedures to assure safety not only for themselves, but for your employees, building, and customers as well. 


Need your windows cleaned before your doors open or do you need to have them done on a day when your office is closed, perhaps the weekend? Pro-Shine will do everything possible to make our schedule fit yours so as not to interrupt your business or inconvenience your customers in any way.

Have corporate “higher-ups” coming in to town and the windows haven’t been cleaned in a while or are you hosting an event and forgot to schedule the window cleaning? No problem, just call and Pro-Shine will do everything possible to make our schedule fit yours.

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